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Mango Mattress Origin Story

All this hullabaloo started in 1999, when our founder, Shane Coker, then 28 years old, opened an unassuming little mattress store in Austin, Texas. He somewhat grew up in the industry. He worked at places that carried all the big “S” brands (Sealy®, Simmons®, Serta®, Spring Air®) and new fad memory foam brands (Tempur-Pedic®, etc.). After experiencing all of the different technologies and core components on the market, he realized firsthand what worked and what didn’t, and what was real versus a fad when it came to sleep selections. The following explains how his vision evolved into Mango Mattress from there.

Realizing the Value of Natural Products

It didn’t take long for him to understand that the popular, non-natural mattresses offered to the public were pretty toxically laden with chemicals, so he started carrying the big organic and natural brands available at the time. Then, in 2007-2008, the fire-retardant standards in the U.S. became even more draconic. The standard, non-natural brands across the country started offering options that were even more heavily laden with chemical fire retardants and volatile organic compounds, including known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, developmental neurotoxins, and hormonal disruptors.

In response to this, Shane spent the next few years ensuring everything he offered in the little mattress store was either a natural or organic product, completely free of harmful chemical fire retardants. He changed the name to “Austin Natural Mattress,” which took off in a huge way. Local Austinites really took to the idea of a chemical-free sleeping environment. Soon, he had opened stores across Texas, with the additions of the Dallas Natural Mattress and Houston Natural Mattress stores.

Making Healthy Sleep Affordable

Despite these successes, Shane still struggled with one issue. The big national organic and natural mattress lines that the stores carried were all very incredible and clean products but expensive. He had an elderly lady come into the store to purchase a chemically clean bed. She loved everything she saw but told him she was a widow on a fixed income and could not afford one. This broke his heart. It was as if the natural sleep market was saying, you can sleep healthily, but only if you can afford it.

Shane (and his team, by this time) set out to create a natural, fire retardant-free, healthy line that was inexpensive but still quality. They wanted everyone to have the opportunity to sleep clean, not just the wealthy. The result of this, by 2012, was the Mango Mattress line. These were handmade in Texas and California and cut out the middleman manufacturers. After tweaking the product multiple times over the next decade from firsthand customer experience and feedback (we slept on them ourselves!), the beds were refined to perfection.

Delivering Straight to You

Very recently, technology in the industry changed once again so that mattresses could be compressed, rolled up into a box, and shipped all over the country. Because of this, the team created to serve those customers outside our home cities, offering affordable, clean sleep that is not marred by the presence of chemical fire retardants. As our products’ names imply, please enjoy the “fruits” of our path, passion, and labor!

If you are interested in trying out one of these beds for yourself, explore Mango Mattress’s website. These products are made from Talalay latex and beeswax-infused certified organic cotton fabric. If you have questions about selection or shipping, call (844) 696-2646 or (844) MyMango.