Organic and Natural Certifications

Organic and Natural Certifications

Global Organic Textile Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres.This refers to certified organic cotton, organic wool, and other fibers. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was created to ensure that manufactured textiles — from raw-material sources through manufacturing practices all the way to the finished product — are processed and handled in such a way that organic integrity is maintained every step of the way. It assures that employees are paid and treated fairly and work in a safe, clean environment, and provides customers with credible assurance that organic integrity that is respected internationally.

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) is an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity. OTCO provides a system that combines strict production standards, on-site inspections, and legally binding contracts to protect the producers and buyers of organic products.

IOAS; International Organic Accreditation Service

The IOAS is a specialist accreditation and assessment body focusing its efforts to build sustainable futures for people and the planet. We therefore offer assessment and accreditation of certification bodies applying a standard which complements and does not contradict the IOAS mission. This means that the IOAS is open to applications that involve organic and sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, social justice, fair trade and related themes.   


If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health.

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

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The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) is a materials and processing standard for organic latex and finished latex foam. IF a latex mattress does not have this certification, then it is NOT an organic latex mattress. This certification firstly guarantees that no synthetic or man made latex (SBR, or styrene butadiene) is in the product. Only 100% all natural latex milk sap out of a hevea brasiliensis tree. The certification also certifies that no chemicals were used on those trees for three years into their past. No DDT, for example. It also certifies no toxic chemicals were used to wash the latex when it was transformed from a liquid into a solid product. Finally, it guarantees that no chemically toxic land was within a fifty mile radius of the plantation grown hevea brasiliensis rubber trees that the latex milk was tapped from.

Our manufacturers Organicpedic, Savvy Rest, and Naturepedic all carry the GOTS certification.