importance of natural mattress

Importance of a Natural Mattress

Shane Coker, owner of Mango Mattress, Talks About the Importance of a Natural Mattress Listen below     You spend about a third of your life on a mattress. And guess what? Your current mattress is literally killing you. It contains dozens of extremely harmful chemicals and fire retardants that can give you cancer, and […]

latex mattress

Why Choose a Natural Talalay Latex Mattress?

Finding the perfect mattress means selecting a material that is comfortable, supportive, and safe for sleeping. Natural Talalay latex mattresses offer several advantages over other popular options, such as memory or natural foam beds. The following guide explores how this choice can help you get a good night’s sleep. What Is Natural Talalay Latex? Natural […]

cotton mattress

Why You Should Choose an Organic Cotton Mattress

Organic cotton is grown from natural seeds without the use of harmful chemicals. While you can purchase clothing, linens, and other goods made from organic cotton, it has particular benefits when used in mattresses. Because humans spend about 26 years of their lives sleeping, an organic cotton mattress ensures this time is as enjoyable and […]

eco mattress

The Importance of Using an Eco-Friendly Mattress With Natural Fire Retardants

Many household items, including mattresses, have retardants to reduce the spread of flames if a fire occurs. While chemical retardants can be effective, their presence in beds can be problematic to sleepers’ health. The guide below explores the potential dangers of non-natural materials and the health benefits of choosing an eco-friendly mattress instead. Why Do […]

mano mattress

Mango Mattress Origin Story

All this hullabaloo started in 1999, when our founder, Shane Coker, then 28 years old, opened an unassuming little mattress store in Austin, Texas. He somewhat grew up in the industry. He worked at places that carried all the big “S” brands (Sealy®, Simmons®, Serta®, Spring Air®) and new fad memory foam brands (Tempur-Pedic®, etc.). […]

dangers of toxic mattress

What Are the Potential Dangers of Non-Natural Mattresses?

Traditional mattresses are made with chemicals and processes that can be harmful to human health and the planet. Fortunately, natural mattresses are increasing in popularity, with many people preferring the eco-friendly materials and construction and the better, healthier night’s sleep they get as a result. If you’re unsure whether an eco-friendly mattress is for you, […]

What To Look For When Choosing a New Mattress and How to Avoid Buying a Toxic One

Numerous mattresses on the market are made with materials you probably don’t want to face-plant on at 10 p.m., including petroleum-based polyurethane foam, pesticides, and potentially dangerous fiberglass—a reinforced plastic substance formed of a woven polymer impregnated with glass fibers. Sleeping accounts for about one-third of our life. As a result, the average adult needs […]