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Why You Should Choose an Organic Cotton Mattress

Organic cotton is grown from natural seeds without the use of harmful chemicals. While you can purchase clothing, linens, and other goods made from organic cotton, it has particular benefits when used in mattresses. Because humans spend about 26 years of their lives sleeping, an organic cotton mattress ensures this time is as enjoyable and restorative as possible. Below, discover a few reasons to choose this type of bed.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Cotton that is not certified organic has been grown using various chemicals, including fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, carcinogens, and other potentially toxic substances. In mattresses, this kind of cotton is often treated with bleach, degreasers, surfactants, and other synthetic chemicals. Every time you lay down on a bed of this type, you are coming into close contact with toxins and pollutants.

Certified organic cotton is a greener alternative. When a product is certified organic, it has none of the harmful synthetic substances mentioned above. Certified organic cotton is grown in soil at least 50 miles away from areas that utilize these chemicals; this way, you can be confident that no soil runoff or leaching has contaminated the organic crop. Every step of the production process—from planting to growth to processing to transportation—is protected from exposure to pollutants.

A Better Sleep

When you choose an organic cotton mattress, your sleep won’t be disrupted by chemical odors or potentially irritating synthetics. In some people, certain synthetics can trigger headaches, skin problems, and allergic reactions. Your sleep will be healthier for your whole body.

Also, some organic mattresses are infused with solid beeswax, another all-natural material. The beeswax functions as a temperature regulator, helping the bed adapt to the climate of the room. As a result, you’ll have a comfortable, restful night of sleep.

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