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Our most luxurious, most natural, chemical-free sleep system is made with 3 inches of natural Talalay latex, over a 6 inch solid latex core, and certified organic cotton & beeswax. Flipable, so that you can enjoy either Plush or Firm. You will be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious comfort that the Papaya offers, as will your wallet. Naturally, all Papaya mattresses come with a 100-night sleep guarantee and a 25-year warranty.

The Papaya line of mattresses is the ultimate in natural luxury. You deserve this.

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The ultimate in natural luxury. You deserve this.

Handmade in California, the natural Papaya mattress is our most luxurious, most natural, chemical fire-retardant free sleep system! We tweaked this mattress for years in our stores over time, and have perfected natural luxury, at an affordable price. Flip able, so that you can enjoy either Plush or Firm, you will be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious comfort that the Papaya offers, as will your wallet. You will safe in your purchase, with the knowledge that you are sleeping on a mattress that is non-toxic & harmful chemical free, while also knowing that you have a 100 day comfort trial period, and an industry leading 25 year warranty.

The Papaya is a luxurious, solid natural talalay latex mattress. It also offers the unrivaled benefits of certified beeswax infused organic cotton, a chemical free natural fire barrier, and is a flip able mattress; firm on one side, ultra-plush on the other.

Natural Talalay Latex. The positive sleeping properties are unequaled.

This sleep system is made from Natural Talalay Latex; a milk sap, hand-tapped from the Hevea Brasiliense tree. Natural latex is a far superior material to metal coils, and petroleum oil-based polyurethane foams for that matter, which is used as comfort layering in non-latex mattresses.

Why is latex better?

First, the cleanliness. This is not an oil-based product, it is the milk sap, from a tree. Latex is inherently anti-microbial, and mold resistant as well.

Secondly, the longevity. Latex mattresses last at least twice as long as comparable mattresses made from lesser materials and show much less body impression decades down the road.

Thirdly, the coolness & temperature regulationNatural latex is a milk sap, not a petroleum oil based man-made polyurethane foam. These poly-foams are what make up the softer top comfort layers on normal, non-latex mattress. Oil based poly foams trap your body’s heat, so that you are in essence sleeping in a 98.6 degree sink of your own heat. In the cold/winter, poly foams become hard. Latex is not affected by such things. You will sleep much cooler in the summer, and much more comfortable in the winter.

And lastly, the qualityNatural Latex has an unrivaled buoyancy, which can only be explained as “sleeping on”, versus “sleeping in”. Pressure points, and the hammock effect experienced while sleeping on lesser materials simply falls away.

Certified Organic Cotton & Beeswax.

Cotton that is not certified organic can be laden with harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is cotton that has been outside third party certified to be free of synthetic pesticides, toxins, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. Instead, natural fertilizers are used, as are beneficial insects and innovative weeding techniques.

By definition, certified organic cotton means that there are none of the following used on the soil the cotton is grown in, within 50 miles of the field the cotton is grown in (to protect against run off, and chemicals leaching into to the soil), the plant itself, its growth process, its processing and manufacture, or the end distribution of the cotton.

No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), carcinogenic, teratogenic, or mutagenic chemicals. No endocrine disruptors, degreasers, surfactants, non-biodegradable detergents, chlorine bleach, plastisol’s, or any other synthetic chemicals are used.

Above and beyond even this, our certified organic cotton fabric is infused with solid beeswax, making it an advanced temperature adaptive fabric. You will never sleep more comfortably.

Variable Firmness Options.

The Papaya Mattress features a Flippable Dual Comfort Design. Supportive but soft on one side, or, when flipped over, a firmer feel. It also features a zippered top layer, as well as quality box stitch handles.

Chemical Free (Non-Toxic) Fire Retardant.

In modern non-natural mattresses, there are a host of chemically unclean components. The most toxic of these, by far, are the chemical fire retardants used to make the mattresses pass fire safety standards. The multi-billion-dollar chemical fire-retardant industry writes its own regulations, and as such, these manufacturers do not have to disclose to you what chemicals they use to make their non-natural mattresses pass US fire retardant safety standards. That information is proprietary; the mattresses only must pass the fire test. See for yourself, try to find out what chemicals are used in any non-natural mattress manufacturers fire retardant. It will not happen.

We in the natural & organic mattress industry must vacuum chamber test these non-natural mattresses ourselves, to let them off-gas, so that we can discern what chemicals are being used, and the results can be rather shocking. Pbde, tdccp, octa, tris, formaldehyde, bromine, fluorine, chlorine, antimony, melamine, and many more, just to name a few. As an example, a very popular memory foam mattress manufacturer you have heard of was recently tested. It was found to off-gas many chemicals, 62 of which were voc’s (volatile organic compounds), 9 of which are also known human cancer-causing carcinogens.

We have found carcinogens, developmental neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, hormonal disruptors, & obesogens.

But it does not have to be this way.

At Mango Mattress, we use a 100% chemical free, natural, wood pulp-based rayon fire barrier, so that you can rest assured that you, your sleeping environment, and your family, are safe from such harmful chemicals.

Our Standards.

And as with all our products, the Papaya is handmade in California, comes with a 100 Night Sleep Trial Guarantee, features an industry leading 25 Year Warranty, is available with 0% interest financing, and ships straight to your door.

The Papaya is shown in all Austin Natural Mattress, Dallas Natural Mattress, & Houston Natural Mattress locations, if you wish to come in and try it out first.


  • Both Medium or an Extra Firm
  • Flippable Dual Comfort Design
  • Quilted Flip-able Mattress: Soft on one side and firm on the other
  • 6″ Natural Talalay Latex Milksap Core
  • 3″ Natural Talalay Latex Milksap Insert
  • 1.5″ CertiPUR certified bounce damping layer
  • 1oo% Chemical Free Natural Wood Pulp Rayon Fire Barrier
  • Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
  • 10.5″ Tiered Profile
  • Zippered Enclosure
  • Box-stitched Handles

Mattress Firmness: 1 (Softest) to 10 (Firmest)

  • Firm / Extra Firm – 7.5 / 8
  • Plush / Extra Firm – 3.5 / 8

firmness scale


An industry leading 25 year warranty with 25 years Non-Prorated Complete Replacement


  • No Stains
  • Proper Foundation
    • No more than a 3.5″ gap between rigid cross slats or solid decking
    • Queen slatted beds require a minimum of 1 center leg to the ground
    • King slatted beds require a minimum of 2 center legs to the ground

Installation Instructions

Papaya Mattress Installation Instructions:

    • Box 1 is the 6″ Core and the cover. (The Cover has a zipper at the top and the Core is inside)
    • Unbox and unwrap Core and Cover – Be careful not to use sharp blades around the mattress
    • Place the Core and Cover with the zipper up – Wherever you want your mattress
    • Box 2 is the 3″ comfort layer.
    • Unbox and unwrap – Careful not to use sharp blades around the 3″ Comfort Layer
    • You unzip the Cover
    • Insert the 3″ Comfort Layer inside the Cover.
    • Then zip it up.


Download the PDF Instructions

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Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cali King


One Side Firm, Flip Side Extra Firm, One Side Plush, Flip Side Extra Firm


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